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Two cops who warmed Kenyan hearts with their kindness during curfew rewarded

Two police officers who warmed the hearts of Kenyans after the state government declared a daily curfew last week were on Saturday rewarded by Naivas Supermarket for their acts of kindness.

Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila both received television sets and gift vouchers from the supermarket chain.

Ms Mutio’s photo went viral on social media after she was captured helping a mother with her luggage during the 7pm to 5am curfew.

The officer was seen carrying one of the bags of the woman, who was straddling her baby and another bag as she escorts her at night.

As a result, the selfless officer received accolades for showing the humane side of the service amid rising cases of police brutality.

Similarly, Baringo Central AP commandant Ibrahim Abachilla became a darling to many after he was filmed assembling those who were caught out past the 7pm curfew.

He, instead of clobbering them, opted to sensitise them about the dangers of Covid-19, sanitised their hands before let them go home.

The cop’s humane side did not go unnoticed as Kenyans on social media praised him while urging his counterparts to emulate his acts.

In a tweet on Saturday, Naivas supermarket, while recognizing their act of kindness and exemplary service, noted they went beyond their call of duty.

“Going beyond retail by rewarding Amina Mutio Ramadhan and Ibrahim Abajila with Vision Plus Kenya TVs and gift vouchers for their exemplary service,” the tweet from Naivas reads.

This comes when police have come under heavy criticism for their excessive use of force to effect President Uhuru Kenyatta’s curfew order meant to tame the spread of coronavirus.

A number of Kenyans have been left nursing injuries at the hands of rogue and overzealous officers who whipped, clobbered and maimed innocent people caught up in a rush to obey the 7pm to 5am curfew.

It started with hundreds of people being clobbered mercilessly in Mombasa at the Likoni Ferry channel, hours before the curfew time.

A cameraman, even though journalists are part of providers of essential service, working with NTV was manhandled by the police.