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Two female cops warm hearts with kind gesture to victim of attempted rape

By Amina Wako March 31st, 2019 2 min read

It is not everyday that we get to hear positive stories about uniformed officers. Rare as it may seem, we still have heroes and heroines within the National Police Service.

Police Constables Trizer Akinyi and Ruth Moraa from Changamwe are among the few police officer worth celebrating for helping a young woman who found herself stranded at night after escaping an attempted rape.

The two officers were on night shift when the victim, Roselyne, walked into the police station seeking help.

“When she walked in, she found male police officers who directed her to me. She looked a bit terrified. I offered her a seat as she narrated her ordeal,” Trizer told Nairobi News.

The officers learnt that Roselyne came to Mombasa in search of work. Her sister connected her with a friend in Mombasa who was looking for a house help.


It was only when she reached the house of her sister’s friend that Roselyne realised that the man lived alone. That night the man demanded sex in exchange for the job he had promised.

“He insisted that I sleep with him on the same bed. I joined him but when he demanded sex I refused. At around 2am he kicked me out of his house,” Roselyne narrated.

Confused and terrified, she sought help from boda boda operators nearby and one of them offered to shelter her for the night.

“But the boda boda man also demanded for sex in exchange for the accommodation he was offering. I declined and I was directed to Changamwe Police Station,” Roselyne recalls.

That is where she met the two female police officers.


“The girl was new in Mombasa and she could not remember where her sister’s friend lived. We asked her to stay with us at the station until morning as we gave time to remember anything,” says Moraa.

In the morning, Roselyne went with Constable Akinyi to her place, where she was offered a place to rest and had a change of clothes.

“After talking to her, I realized the only way we could help is by facilitating her return home,” the police officer said.

Moraa booked Roselyne in a Tahmeed bus from Mombasa to Luanda at a cost of Sh2,000. They made sure she boarded the bus and gave her pocket money of Sh1,000.

“I asked her to call me when she got home and the following morning she called me. I even talked to her sister who confirmed she had arrived safely,” says Akinyi

“The officers were very helpful to me and even told me to call them whenever I have a problem,” Roselyne told Nairobi News.