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Two held over violent robbery of man who was lured into online lover’s house

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) is holding two people suspected of kidnapping and robbing a man.

Mary Mukii Kioko and Gideon Mbusu are being held at Langata Police Station in connection to the incident which happened on September 22, 2020.

The victim, Naraj Devraj, is reported to have lost Sh108,000 after he was lured by Ms Kioko to her house.

Devraj was kidnapped in Nairobi West, robbed and later dumped near Sameer Business Park along Mombasa road.

Devraj was visiting his female friend’s house in Nairobi West. He claims that after failing to meet the friend he hailed a cab, but two men also forcefully boarded the same vehicle and sandwiched him between themselves.


He claims the two men blindfolded and ordered him to call his son and boss to send them ransom for his release.

In an affidavit filed at the Kibera Law Courts, detective Corporal Judith Ruto said Devraj’s son Jagdish and his employer sent him a total of Sh100,000.

The kidnappers then forced Devraj to transfer the cash to their phones through mobile money. He transferred Sh108,000 in total.


The kidnappers thereafter demanded his ATM pin numbers but Devraj was reluctant to reveal the same. They then took him to a house where he was stripped naked.

A semi-nude woman forcefully embraced him as their pictures were taken by the suspects who threatened to leak the photos if he failed to give them his ATM pin number.

The suspects then assaulted Devraj until he gave them the ATM’s pin number.

Kioko and Mbusu were arrested in Muimara estates in Embakasi, Nairobi, on October 4 and found with phones that received the money sent from Devraj’s phone.

Corporal Ruto obtained orders to detain the two suspects until Friday as she continues with investigations.