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Two hospital staff arrested after woman dies during botched C-Section – VIDEO

Police have launched a manhunt for a doctor who conducted a botched Caesarean section at St Teresa Hospital, in Kikuyu, that led to the death of a woman on Wednesday.

Two hospital staff have already been arrested in connection with the death of Helen Wanjiru.

Her family claims Wanjiru was nine months pregnant and was rushed to the hospital after developing complications. The family was later told that a C-section was necessary after she started bleeding.

Family members told reporters that the hospital had denied them access to Wanjiru thereafter and refused to divulge any information on her state.

The family’s lawyer told NTV that one of Wanjiru’s sisters bulldozed her way to the theater where she found her lying dead.

The doctor who performed the operation is on the run and the hospital is yet to provide the family with documents relating to the botched C-section.