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Two more bodies of infants retrieved from Nairobi River

Two bodies of infants have been retrieved in the ongoing cleanup of filth-ridden Nairobi River bringing the total number of bodies recovered from the expansive river to 21.

The bodies were recovered in Korogocho Area by a team of youths who have been cleaning up the river since last year.

According to Fredrick Okinda, Komb Green clean-up team leader, the discovery happened on Monday when one of the team members noticed a polythene bag floating on water.

Upon close observation, the remains of an infant were found in it.

He said that the other body, of an infant girl, was found by the team dumped around the same area.

Mr Okinda added that they have since buried the two bodies after getting authorisation from Kariobangi Police Station.

“One of us noticed a paper bag floating around and when he went on to open it, he was shocked to find remains of an infant and minutes later, we found another body of a girl dumped around the same area,” said Mr Okinda.

Worst affected

Since the launch of the Nairobi River Restoration Project early last year, 21 bodies have been discovered among them 16 infants and five adults with Korogocho area being the worst affected.

Last December, a body of an infant, a foetus which was due or almost due, was also retrieved at the Korogocho section of the river, brings the number of bodies recovered from the ongoing cleanup of the river at that time to 17.

The body was fresh and was found floating on the river with its umbilical cord still attached.

In May, a body of an eight-year-old boy was discovered by the team dumped with clothes on at the banks of the river with marks showing that he might have been strangled before being cast off.

The Korogocho area of the Nairobi River has now accounted for 10 bodies with graves dotting the now infamous stretch.

Two bodies of twin infants, wrapped in a polythene bag, were also retrieved from the river with another six bodies of infants discovered at the river in May alone.

A body of an infant, which was also wrapped in a paper bag, was found in Korogocho in February last year by the team.

That month, Governor Mike Sonko appealed to investigative agencies in the country to move with speed and investigate killings of people whose bodies are dumped at the river and its tributaries.

“This is a heinous act and we call on police to move in with speed and investigate and arrest all those behind it. Those behind the dumping of bodies in Nairobi River must be brought to book,” said Sonko at the time.

Governor Sonko reiterated the calls for police to come up with more concrete solutions that will help nab those dumping babies and those promoting abortion.

He has also urged the locals to be on the lookout as well and act as vigilantes to help report those perpetrating the vice.