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Two Nigerians die at Nairobi house party

Police have launched investigations after an incident that occurred in Kilimani’s Sky Horse Apartment along Wood Avenue that left two individuals reported to be Nigerian nationals dead.

One of the victims allegedly jumped from the seventh floor of the building while the other collapsed and died.

The two are said to be Nigerian nationals and died on Friday night following a party they had at the residence.

Sources said the deceased were among about 20 merrymakers who had gathered in an apartment to mourn the death of another Nigerian national, who passed away on July 4.

A 23-year-old man by the name Ademuajimi Courage Maxwell a Nigerian national is said to have fallen off from the seventh floor and died.

Witnesses said the second Nigerian man whose identity is not known was in the kitchen preparing a meal for the more than 20 people who were in attendance.

He collapsed in shock and died before the ambulance they called hadn’t arrived.

Two other men also collapsed.

Police said that by the time they had arrived at the scene, there were only five people left.

Three women identified as Vera Osebe, Anesteny Manji and Diana Moraa all aged between age 22 and 25 and another Nigerian international identified as Kibor Kamar Omar are in custody.

Omar is one of the men who collapsed and was hospitalized, treated, and discharged while the other one is still in the hospital.

Police are trying to establish who or what killed the two Nigerian men.

Kilimani Sub-County police commander Muturi Mbogo said that there were no signs of struggle, hence ruling out the possibility of foul play.

Police officers recovered alcohol, rolls of bhang, and other controlled substances of unknown nature from the scene. Investigations are ongoing to establish whether the substances are connected to the two deaths.

“We recovered drugs and alcohol at the party. We have not done the postmortems to ascertain the cause of deaths. Our analysts and pathologists are looking at the exhibits,” said Muturi.