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Two revellers in court for hurling insults at hotel guards

By Joseph Ndunda December 2nd, 2020 1 min read

Two “untouchable” revellers, who allegedly told off a manager at a hotel they were drinking in at Parklands, Nairobi and went ahead and hurled insults at security guards after blocking an exit gate have been charged with creating a disturbance.

Neto Obunga and Lizz Nthenya Katulu were accused of blocking the exit gate of Concord Hotel by parking their vehicle – a Jeep – across the gate and using abusive language at the hotel security guards with an intent to provoke a breach of peace on November 6.

The two were leaving a neighboring hotel which shares entry and exit gates with Concord when they found a car belonging to Concord owner broken down at the gate blocking the exit.

The guards directed them to use an alternative gate which was opened for them but they reportedly declined to move demanding that the stalled vehicle be towed and the main gate opened.

They later drove to the opened gate and allegedly blocked it, making both hotels inaccessible and reportedly told off the managers and security guards who tried to pursuade them to move.

The Concord hotel manager is said to have asked them to remove the car from the gate but they blatantly declined and threatened them with police action but they allegedly said they were untouchable because they work for a media companh and that the hotel allegedly stands on a grabbed parcel of land.

The suspects however denied the charges when they appeared before senior resident magistrate Charles Mwaniki of Kibera law courtsand were freed on a cash bail of Sh8,000.

Their case will be mentioned on December 8.