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Two theft suspects accuse cops at Kamukunji of torture

By Joseph Ndunda February 8th, 2020 1 min read

Two men charged before Makadra law courts with conveying suspected stolen property along River Road in downtown Nairobi have accused police of torturing them.

They are Amos Irungu Ngugi and Marcos Bondo Kabugo.

They are accused of having been in possession of a laptop suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully obtained when they were arrested by police constables Kelvin Maina and Barasa Kizito both of Kamukunji police station.

Trafficking narcotics

Ngugi was separately charged with trafficking narcotics after he was allegedly found with 15 rolls of bhang worth Sh300, which was not in proper medical prescription.

Kabugo is also charged with preparation to commit a felony after in which police claim he was found with a penknife, an indication he was armed to commit a robbery.

He was also accused of having a mobile phone suspected to have been stolen or unlawfully acquired.

Ngugi and Kabugo denied the charges before chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.

The two claimed they were beaten up and injured by cops who gored them with barrels of guns while in custody.

The suspects said they do not know each other and were not arrested together. Kabuga said he was arrested while walking home.

Both took off their shirts to show bodily injuries to chief magistrate Heston Nyaga.

Nyaga directed them to be taken to the hospital immediately by the Kenya Prisons Service and summoned Kamukunji police station commander Samir Yunus to appear in court and respond to the allegations on Monday.