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Two week detention for female motorist harassment suspects

Police have been allowed to detain 15 bodaboda riders for 16 days in connection with investigations over the the molestation and sexual harassments of a Zimbabwean female Diplomat last week.

Milimani principal magistrate Gilbert Shikwe said due to the great public interest in the matter police need humble time to do thorough investigations before preferring charges against the suspects.

The suspects were arrested alongside thousands of boda boda riders following a crack-down ordered by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“I concur with the investigating officer Inspector Lyvonne Mwanzia that police require humble time to interrogate the suspects, record witness statements and conduct forensic analysis of the exhibits before arriving at the proper charges to prefer,” ruled Shikwe.

The magistrate said police will record a statement from the diplomat currently undergoing treatment and counselling, issue her with a P-3 Form, examine CCTV footage and interview witnesses.

“Police will process all the suspects then determine whether to charge suspects who alleged they are Matatu drivers, condustors, fruit vendors and casual labourers and not boda boda riders,” said Shikwe.

The suspects were arrested on Monday this week after a video of the molestation of the diplomat on March 4,2022 went viral.

Shikwe reduced by five days the 20 days sought by Insp Mwanzia.

“Given that the suspects were arrested in Monday and have been held in police custody I will reduce the days sought to 15,” Shikwe ruled.

He directed the 15 to be held at Gigiri Police Station.

The suspects had objected to the application by Insp Mwanzia they be detained for 20days saying the period sought to detain them is too long given that they have been in custody since Monday.

One of the suspects Benjamin Ngure who is a fruit seller at Ngara Market opposed the detention period saying he is not a boda Boda rider but a green groccer.

“Your honor I am a fruit seller and not a boda boda rider. I was arrested while waiting to board a matatu to my residence. I know nothing about the attack on the diplomat. 20 days are too many and all my fruits will rot in my store. Free me now,” Ngure said.

Two Matatu drivers Joseph Ngugi Mbugu and Joseph Kibui Mukambi who were dressed in their Matatu sacco uniform opposed the 20days saying they are too many and they were not involved in the attack of the victim.

Four others namely Harrison Maina,Lenson Fundi Njururi and Cliff Gikobi, Oyaro told the magistrate that they are Matatu conductors and were arrested on mistaken identity.

Japheth Bosire Obano said he is not a matatu driver and was heading home from work when he was arrested.

He said he has a three month old child whom he takes care of and will suffer when he is detained for the 20 days.

In addition he said he will lose his employment since he was arrested his employer does not know where he is.