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The two women who refused to meet Jacob Juma

Two women have come out claiming they turned down offers from slain Nairobi businessman Jacob Juma for a meet up.

The two, whose names we can’t publish, posted their screenshots of their separate conversations with Juma asking to meet them, which was done via Facebook messenger.

The screenshots have been shared widely on social media.

One of the women captioned her screenshot: “Wish I had agreed to meet him…RIP Jacob Juma.”

In her case, the chat was a monologue from Juma who was trying to get her to agree to a meeting between August and September 2014.

On August 23, 2014 at 10:15pm, Juma started a chat with (name: “Hii!” She did not respond. Then on September 4 at 11:22pm, he prompted her again: “Hii (name withheld)! Can we meet tomrw (tomorrow)? Gnite.” Again, she gave it a wide berth.


In the other case, the screenshot shows a conversation where Juma had told her, “just come.”

She asked: “why…” “I want to date you,” he responded. She laughed it off, “hehe…like your jokes,” to which he responded: “No, am (sic) serious.”

The woman still found it funny: “hehe.” “Are you coming?” he prodded. She answered: “I would love to but I dnt go to peoples houses (sic).”

A day after his death, the woman wrote a lengthy tribute, attaching the screenshot of the conversation.

“Saaaad…just woke up to shocking news that Jacob Juma is no more..shot dead yesterday night around 9:30 near lenana… this was our last conversation yesterday evening, little did I know you were telling me goodbye…” she wrote.


“Those that shot him n their bosses are all cowards who will also perish because those that live by the bullet will die by the sword…you were a great man n I salute you for assisting our nation at large…you will be surely missed n your legacy will live on… killing you was the only thing they could do…Till we meet again…”

On Tuesday, police claimed they had pieced together the final moments of slain Nairobi businessman Jacob Juma, which showed him dropping off an unidentified woman in town moments before he was gunned down.

They have recorded a statement from the said woman, according to Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro.