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Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii opposes LGBTQ push

Uasin Gishu County Governor Jonathan Bii has opposed a fresh push to impose an LGBTQ agenda on Africans.

LGBTQ stands for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, or another diverse gender identity

The county boss stated that the agenda was against traditional and religious beliefs and urged the members of the society to reject such ‘evil’ practices.

“It goes against Christian and Islamic teachings. It is also against our African values, and cultural norms and should be shunned by all Africans. We should all vehemently oppose this agenda,” said the county boss on Thursday when he presided over the launch of the 96th Kenya Music and Cultural Festivals in Eldoret town.

The county boss’s comments come days after Anglican Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit also waded into the issue and asked the Western nations to stop imposing the LGBTQ practice on Africans.

Bishop Sapit reiterated his position that LGBTQ was not ungodly, terming it a creation of demonic forces with no regard for humanity and the word of God.

The cleric said it was wrong for Western nations, which have accepted LGBTQ as part of their lives and legalized it to push the same on African countries, which he said respect morality and the law of God.

“We know God created mankind to procreate and bear children through man and woman relationship but not through any other unacceptable means,” Bishop Sapit said.

Governor Bii also encouraged parents to organize camps during long school holidays to educate their children about their culture to enrich them with rich cultural heritage.

He said that it was time to preserve our rich culture and traditions, warning young people to shun away from the bad influence of foreign culture.

“Some of our young people don’t know about their cultural beliefs and it is time we revisit these teachings so that they don’t go astray. I want to plead to our parents to counsel our children to adhere to our rich and envied culture and traditions,” stated Governor Bii.

He noted that music and culture were important in fostering peaceful co-existence and unity among the local communities.

The county boss also encouraged the young people to nurture their talents and market the country since it can lead to job creation and transform the country’s economy.

“I challenge our youth to actively engage with their talents, as it not only fulfills their potential but also aligns with our county’s agenda. The fusion of music, culture, and the active engagement of youths is key in shaping a more interconnected and diverse global society,” said the county boss.

The Governor’s comments come eight months after Kenyan police discovered the body of prominent LGBTQ rights campaigner Edwin Chiloba stuffed inside a metal box in Eldoret.

Police are probing the incident.

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