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Uber threatens to deregister violent drivers in Kenya

By HILARY KIMUYU September 13th, 2017 1 min read

Online taxi-hailing firm Uber has warned their drivers in Kenya that they will be de-registered if they become violent during their protest in the wake of a go-slow over poor returns and unfavourable terms which started on Monday.

In a statement released on Tuesday, members of the public were advised to lodge complaints against any drivers engaging in such acts of violence.

“While we respect every partner’s right to express their opinions, acts of violence or intimidation threaten the trust and safety of the Uber community. Such acts will not be tolerated and Uber will permanently deactivate the account of any driver-partner who is found to be involved,” said Uber in a statement.

Drivers under the banner of Members of Digital Taxi Association of Kenya (DTAK) have vowed to continue with the go-slow until their demands are met.


Uber, Taxify drivers down tools over poor returns

The drivers have decried the “un-ending offers” and “high commissions” tech firms deduct from their earnings.

The drivers are demanding that the price per kilometre be increased by Sh3 to Sh45 and that commission taken by online platform should not exceed 15 per cent. Uber takes 25 per cent of the total earnings.

Other fees that include parking and waiting charges should be borne by the rider too. The drivers are also asking to be involvement during decision making.

“Any change in the pricing model and or introduction of disruptive products should be in consultation with DTAK and any other relevant authority such as the Automobile Association of Kenya, where local factors will be considered to ensure a sensible return on investment,” the statement read in part.