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Female Uber driver takes her boyfriend’s side chic to his house

A female driver lit up Twitter with a narration of how she drove a female client to her boyfriend’s apartment, in what could easily easily pass for a Hollywood script.

The user, Msixella whose account indicates that she lives in Florida, gave a blow by blow account of how the client got into her cab only to realise that her destination was familiar.

On their way, the two girls even chatted about their boyfriends, not knowing they were talking about the same man.

The driver’s boyfriend had said he would be going to New York to visit his ailing mother only for Msixella to find his car parked outside his apartment as her client pointed at it saying “that’s his car”.

The man in question then came out of his house but on seeing his girlfriends, ran back provoking a fight that later ended with the Uber driver taking off with her client’s luggage.

Here is Msixella’s narration.