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How Uber drivers will now reject requests for long trips

Taxi-hailing firm Uber has added an in-app feature that allows drivers to reject or accept long trip requests.

The latest feature seeks a driver’s consent before the online-hailing firm links them to a rider taking a long trip.

Uber defines a long trip as a journey taking between 45 minutes and an hour.

“The 45 to 60 minute is based on the expected time to arrive at the rider’s destination. Of course, there will be times when unexpected traffic or a change in the rider’s destination means that the trip could take longer,” said Uber’s East Africa spokesperson, Janet Kemboi.

“This (new feature) allows drivers to better plan their lives. We are giving drivers more information that helps them make the decision that is right for them. While there are some drivers who are not in a position to accept a long trip, there are even more preferring the long trips.”


This latest features is the latest in a raft of measures taken by Uber recently to improve driver welfare.

Earlier in November, Uber started charging a waiting fee on its riders to compensate drivers when made to wait for lengthy periods.

On a driver’s arrival, the firm sends a notification to the rider advising that the per-minute charge will apply after the allowed first five minutes of waiting.

Earlier in the year, the US-based company also introduced a security feature that runs real-time security checks every time drivers go online in order to protect their accounts from fraudsters and boost safety of riders using its service.

The firm also introduced a “share trip” feature for the drivers to enable friends and family keep track of their location, a function that was previously available to riders only.