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Uber launch women empowerment program

Uber, a transportation company that offers an application that connects passengers and drivers, has launched a platform that is aimed at connecting, growing, and empowering women involved in the business.

The GigSister, a community-based initiative has been created by Women at Uber and is designed to connect, grow, and empower a community of women drivers and couriers on the platform through an array of initiatives.

The program, which has already achieved success in parts of Europe and the UK, sees Uber teaming up with like-minded partners, including Google and L’Oreal, to uplift and empower women through mental health support, motivation, and self-promotion, as well as self-defense training.

Uber’s Head of Communications East and West Africa, Lorraine Onduru said that the platform will eliminate barriers for women in the gig economy.

“We want to support women, provide them with a platform to network, and make them feel empowered to get into the tech space, and make a living out of it.”

As part of the GigSister initiative, Uber has teamed up with Google to host a series of #iamRemarkable training for women earners. The training is designed to equip the earners with leadership tools they can use to position themselves for success in running their businesses.

With the gender gap in ICT in Africa being at 23 percent, the African Union strategy for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment aims to enable women and girls to become more active users and influencers of the technological space. The aim is for women to unlock greater gender-enabling e-solutions for funding.

This is the motivation behind Uber launching the GigSister initiative, to ensure that they are bridging this gap for women earners on the platform.

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