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Uber now extends olive branch to striking drivers

A day after its driver-partners downed their tools, Uber Kenya has softened its stance saying it is seeking a solution to the standoff.

The company has also said it is committed to talks with the relevant stakeholders to end the stalemate.

On Thursday striking drivers from ride hailing company presented a petition to Parliament for the legislation of regulations that will ensure fair play in the industry.

But in a statement, Uber said that it is not only focused on a great experience for riders but also increased economic opportunities for drivers.


The company added that in July 2016 it reduced fares to encourage more riders to use Uber and to help driver-partners spend less time waiting for fares and more time earning.

At the same time, the company said that it still stands by the promise it made to closely monitor the impact of the price cut on partner economics.

“Uber succeeds when our partners succeed and we remain committed to talking with all relevant stakeholders, including policymakers, to ensure that driver-partners using the app continue to thrive,” the company said in the statement.

On the other hand drivers said they want parliament to pass legislation that will set regulations in the industry and also formulate a way to accommodate both digital platforms and analog operators.