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Uber unveils revamped App with exciting features for Kenyan market

Taxi-hailing company Uber Kenya has unveiled a revamped rider application that will makes it easier for riders to use the popular app.

Unlike the older version that focused on where the rider was departing from, the new app will be offering an array of ride choices, by simply asking, “Where to?”

The redesigned application was officially launched in November last year on iOS and Android with the ongoing global roll-out ending in early 2017.

The App has so far been well adopted by riders in Kenya with a 68% adoption rate. The revamped Uber app now includes features such as upfront pricing and estimate time of arrival at the destination, so that riders have the information they need to make the best decision for their wallet and schedule.


Other features in the App include Calendar integration that allows riders to integrate the app with their calendars through smart, built-in shortcuts, conduct people searches and share on-trip experiences.

“Uber rebuilt the application from the ground-up putting the riders at the heart of it. The redesigned rider app is faster, smarter, and is much more personalized than it was before for riders and more reliable than before,” said Kagure Wamunyu, Uber Kenya’s Operations Lead.

Kagure Wamunyu, Uber Kenya's Operations Lead explains how the new app works. PHOTO | COURTESY
Kagure Wamunyu, Uber Kenya’s Operations Lead explains how the new app works. PHOTO | COURTESY

Uber, which has been in Kenya for two years, has now added a few things to the revamped version of the app, starting with the rider’s destination.

The app will also have the following features:

Your favorites in one tap – The new app can be able to suggest ‘shortcuts’ to your most frequented destinations on the home screen.

Calendar – To help you prepare for the day ahead, you’re able to connect your calendar with Uber so your meetings and appointments automatically appear as “shortcuts.” Gone are the days of digging through another app to find the right address.

Know the cost before you request – It’s easier than ever to compare the cost of all the client’s options. That means no math, and no surprise.

Make friends your destination – If you are going to meet friends for a night out but not sure where exactly they are, the new app can help you make a friend your destination. Sync your contacts with the app, type a friend’s name into the search bar and once they’ve shared their location, you’ll be on your way.

All your trip details in one place – The new will show you all your essential trip information at-a-glance. You see your driver’s name, photo, and license plate number, and you can contact him/her via the app. You can also share your status with friends and family, split fare, see your upfront fare, and change your destination

Snap while you ride – You can SnapChat while en route, you can unlock exclusive Snapchat filters through the Uber app. That way you can snap your friends while you ride.

Order Food on the Way Home – The app will show you what restaurants are on uberEATS and your order can be delivered so that you can arrive at your destination around the same time.