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UDA MCAs accuse governor Johnson Sakaja of ‘more talk, less action’

Nairobi governor Johnson Sakaja continues to face backlash and scrutiny from his own MCAs in the county assembly.

on January 18, 2023, Anthony Kiragu, the Minority leader, claimed the governor is mostly involved in boardroom meetings at his office with nothing to show off in terms of service delivery.

Kiragu is from the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), the party that sponsored the governor’s election in the August 2022 polls.

“What I’m telling the governor is to come out of the boardroom and start working for the residents. There’s nothing going on yet he’s always involved in boardroom meetings,” Mr Kiragu told the media.

The MCA said efforts to keep the governor in check have so far not bore fruits.

But he also confirmed that the name of Lucky Ogutu was dropped from the list of county officers approved for vetting after the MCAs raised concerns with her appointment.

Ms Okudo, who had been appointed by Governor Sakaja to the position of ICT and Energy Chief Officer but had to be left out due to her alleged participation in the chaos at the Bomas of Kenya during the tallying process of the presidential votes.

“I honestly feel for Okudo. She’s a hardworking young woman who was only used by other people.”

Sakaja has separately asserted he will work closely with the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Coalition which is the Majority Party in the Assembly.

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