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UDA MP ejected from National Assembly for dressing like President Ruto

A Member of Parliament affiliated with the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) found himself at the centre of controversy when a video showed him being ejected from the National Assembly for adopting President William Ruto’s distinctive Kaunda suit dressing style.

Reuben Kiborek, the representative for Mogotio, attended Parliament dressed in a Kaunda suit, named after the late former Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda.

This unconventional attire has been gaining popularity among Kenyan leaders and politicians, with President Ruto himself often sporting it both locally and internationally.

The Kaunda suit consists of a matching top and bottom without needing a shirt or tie.

However, Kiborek’s choice of attire raised eyebrows in the National Assembly, leading to his expulsion from the chamber.

The interim speaker of the day insisted that he adhere to the traditional suit dress code followed by other legislators.

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“A proper dress code for men entails a coat, tie, long-sleeved shirt, long trousers, socks, and shoes or a service uniform. From where I am seated, I can see that you are dressed very well indeed. However, your smart attire does not conform to the rules and the speaker’s instructions. I can see your vest at the neck, and therefore, I order you to exit, get properly dressed, and return,” instructed the speaker.

While Kiborek acknowledged the speaker’s directive, he also expressed concern about the potential negative impact on the local textile industry.

He defended his choice of attire, referring to it as a “presidential look” and called for respect for African culture and dress codes.

“Today, the speaker expressed concern about my dress code, but he acknowledged that I dressed smartly. It was a presidential look. His concern was that the neck was a bit lower than it should be. I respect the speaker’s ruling. The ruling was fair because it was based on the standing order. However, we should promote what we produce. We urge our Parliament to respect our culture and African dress code,” explained the lawmaker.

Reuben Kiborek joins a list of leaders and politicians, including South Mugirango MP Silvanus Osoro, Kiambu Senator Karungo Wa Thangwa, and Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen, who have embraced the Kaunda suit dressing style.

Even opposition party leader Raila Odinga has been seen wearing this distinctive attire, which is recognized as a part of African attire culture.

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