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Ugali man speaks out on his strange ‘rescue mission’ – VIDEO

The man who became an internet sensation after picture of him rescuing a gigantic ugali during the demolition of illegal structures in Nairobi went viral has explained the circumstances that led to his strange rescue mission.

Fredrick Warui was traced to his base near Yaya Centre where he lives with other street families.

Warue said that he saw an opportunity to save his friends who had been sleeping hungry.

“Tulikuwa tunaenda kuokoa hii ugali tusaidiane na bahati mbaya na mzuri tukapata jamaa wetu ameaga,” he told K24 TV.


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Another homeless man identified the deceased as Anthony Kimani whom he said succumbed to hunger.

“Sisi bado tuko njaa so nikaona nibebe hio ugali na niliona hawa wengine wako na njaa nikaona nibebe ugali na omena,” he said.

Warue is an ex-convict who served two years imprisonment at Kamiti Maximum Prison for undisclosed crime.

Upon his release after serving time behind bars, he found that his wife had remarried. He thereafter chose to live in the streets.

“Nilikuta ameolewa na mtu mwingine amezaa watoto wengine. Singeweza kukaa na yeye sasa juu amezaa watoto wengine. Ndio mtoto ni wangu, lakini hao wengine singeweza kukaa na wao,” he explained.