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Ugali in Rio Olympics cafeteria excites Team Kenya

Kenyan athletes at the 2016 Olympic Games have nothing to worry about while in Rio de Janeiro, as cafeterias in the Olympic Village are serving ugali.

This week, the Kenya sevens rugby women’s head coach Mike Shamiah shared photos of ugali on a buffet table. The pictures showed the Kenyan delicacy captioned: “Ugali-corn meal mush-African”.

Another photo showed a serving of ugali, some greens and meat curry.

The pictures drew excitement on social media with some users wondering if it tasted and looked like the real deal.

Former Kenya Sevens women team manager Doris Mwanzia posed: “Iyo ni ugali kweli? Looks like rice or mashed potatoes!!”


Kenyan athletes have in the past complained of bad food while on international duty.

In May this year, the national women volleyball team rejected the food offered by the hosts at the Olympics qualifiers in Puerto Rico.

“The food was too spicy, too salty and was also served in very small portions. The only food we were comfortable with in the menu was bread, so we had no option but to look for a familiar meal at MacDonalds,” team captain Mercy Moim was quoted at the time.

“We just don’t eat anything when on travel. We would prefer food we are all familiar with especially when we have crucial matches ahead of us,” she added.

In 2015, Harambee Stars lodged a complaint with Fifa and Caf over bad food that they were subjected to while in Lagos, Nigeria.