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Uganda Defence Minister blasts ‘bad’ Kenyans for Bobi Wine demos

Uganda Minister for Defence Gen Elly Tumwiine has blasted the ‘bad’ Kenyans who took to the streets to demonstrate the arrest of lawmaker Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and yet ‘they have enough problems’.

The 64-year-old, who always wears dark sunglasses whenever he is in public, spoke during a recent interview with NBS television.

“By the way young people (Ugandans), most of these messages you have received on WhatsApp, we have analyzed them and most of them are from abroad and sent by people who are comfortable wherever they are,” he said.

“A good number of them (messages) are from neighboring bad people from Kenya who are demonstrating when they have enough problems there,” he added, without elaborating further.


The Minister also claimed there is a ploy by foreign forces to destabilize Uganda.

“These enemies include NGOs who want to destabilize Uganda, they target opposition, young people, intellectuals and the media, and they pay you. We have evidence that they pay the media to present Uganda’s bad image for whoever’s interests, not Uganda’s interests.”

The Minister’s sentiments come a week after Kenyans joined hands to support Bobi Wine who was arrested, tortured and charged with treason in court.

At the time, hundreds of Kenyans stormed Twitter and contributed to the #FREEBobiWine tag, while others led by activist Boniface Mwangi took to the streets to demonstrate and file a petition before the Ugandan Embassy in Nairobi.