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Uganda minister fails to stop ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival – PHOTOS

Uganda’s Minister for Ethics Simon Lokodo has conceded to losing his bid to stop this year’s edition of ‘Nyege Nyege’ festival.

The festival is a carnival that involves dancing and partying and attracts tourists from around the world.

This year’s event started at Nile Discovery Beach in Njeru, Jinja on Thursday and is expected to go on until Sunday.


Mr Lokodo, the country’s moral policeman, was quoted by Daily Monitor newspaper that he could not stop this year’s event because the devil ‘has a stronger hand’.

‘Nyege Nyege‘ is a Ugandan phrase for dancing.

“I tried my best to block it, but the devil has a stronger hand. I had to backtrack,” confessed the Minister.

“The first day (On Tuesday) I announced that it (Nyege Nyege) won’t happen, but yesterday (Wednesday) because of pressure from all sides, my elders and even my own boss, I had to concede defeat.”


Uganda’s biggest telecommunications company MTN is sponsoring the Nyege Nyege festival. Some of the country’s popular artistes are expected to perform at the event.

The festival was started four years ago by Derrick Dediu, 36, a Burundi born Belgian citizen.

The event is highly popular within and outside Uganda, with about 8,000 tourists expected to grace the function this year.

Bathrooms for revellers at Nyege Nyege festival. PHOTO | COURTESY
Bathrooms for revelers at Nyege Nyege festival. PHOTO | COURTESY

Though it involves heavy partying, supporters say the festival brings foreign exchange and promotes Uganda’s tourism.