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Uganda Police arrest women caught protesting over side-chic rivalry

Police in Uganda have arrested women caught demonstrating over among other issues, the ‘little’ money their husbands leave at home when going to work.

The Daily Monitor reports the women were arrested after the demonstrations were termed illegal.

In a raft of complaints, the women also claim their men have been ‘taken over’ side chics.

Some of the placards the women had read; “Prices have increased but kameeza money (money left on the table at home by men) has not.”

Another placard read “Women deserve trips to Dubai.”

Additionally, they lamented their husbands were not eating at home hence they took to the streets.

These protests come a year after a journalist shared the importance of kameeza money for Ugandan women.

It also comes amid fears of the high cost of commodities and standards of living in the landlocked East African country in recent times.

Here’s what Ugandans had to say.

However, with the recent altercation, social media users had this to say.