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Uganda police caught on video clobbering innocent bystanders

Police in Uganda are back in the spotlight after a video emerged of officers in a vehicle clobbering bystanders for no apparent reason.

The video was shot on Tuesday by NBS TV station in Uganda and is captioned that the officers were caning supporters of opposition leader Kizza Besigye in a bid to restrain them.

The supporters had lined up Kampala streets to get a glimpse of Mr Besigye as he was driven home having been released on bail in a treason case he is facing.

However, a closer look at the video shows officers simply having fun as they hit innocent onlookers who are not in any way obstructing the motorcade.

Indeed, the vehicle carrying Mr Besigye is ahead of the one with the officers, making the clobbering of no use.


The Uganda Police Force has come under heavy criticism for excessive use of force especially when dealing with opposition elements.

the latest clip have elicited reacted angry reaction on social media with some calling for court charges against the Uganda police force.

Martin Tairo Maseghe said: “These cops have porrige (sic) in place of their brains. How has the caning helped them?”

Ken Kisiga wrote: “Its only that Ugandans are ignorant. These victims of such police brutality need to take a joint legal action against the police. how do you justify canning pedestrians indiscriminately!! all these victims are entitled to damages/ compensation.”

Shafiq Lule Kisitu Jr. wondered: “How is this ok and who do you report to when the law enforcers behave in this manner? And we wonder why officers get ambushed at night? It doesn’t have to be this way #Dallas #USA”