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Former Uganda police chief pleads for bail in court so that he can ‘touch’ his wife

Lawyers of detained former Uganda Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura are pleading with the court to release him so that he may ‘touch his wife.’

Kayihura, who served as the country’s police boss for 13-years until March this year, was on Thursday paraded before the court martial in Kampala following 72 days in detention at a military barracks.

He faces a death sentence if found guilty of charges of failing to protect war materials and abetting kidnappings of Rwanda nationals while he was Inspector General of Police. He has denied all charges.


Museveni now court martials former police boss

There was however a light moment when one of Kayihura’s lawyers pleaded with court to allow his client to be released on bail so that he may ‘touch’ his wife after a long period in detention.

“Our client has been in custody of the military. It’s today when he breathed some fresh air. There is a weekend ahead. You can allow the determined of the bail basing on a written chit of paper. You have done this with other cases. He deserves to walk out of court to freedom and touch his wife,” said the lawyer amidst laughter in the courtroom.

The court has however set the bail ruling for Tuesday.