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Revealed: Ugandan activist suffers ‘miscarriage’ in prison

Ugandan scholar Stella Nyanzi is reported to have had a miscarriage while in jail and is blaming the prison authorities for the ordeal.

The vocal activist has been behind bars since November 2018 and is currently battling charges of cyber harassment and abusing members of the first family on Facebook.

The activist refused to apply for bail at the time, telling a Kampala court that she needed some time to go and educate inmates on use of social media.

According to Daily Monitor, one of Nyanzi’s friends discovered the vocal activist had lost her baby when visiting her at Luzira Prison.


“I visited my friend (Nyanzi) in Luzira prison on Tuesday last week. She took a while to show up and they told me she was unwell. Finally she showed up looking frail and she had cut off her hair. She told me she lost her baby,” Nana Annette Namata, a social rights activist explained.

Nyanzi also explained her condition through her lawyer, stating:

“Why am I being denied access to my medical forms? I suspect this government is set to scrap out uteruses of those in opposition. My private doctor is before court, I will need to consult with him after seeing medical documents,” stated Nyanzi.

Namata also claimed Nyanzi bled for close to three hours without medical attention because the prison attendants were doubtful of her medical, alleging the 44-year-old was already in menopause.