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Ugandan football boss attacks journalist for penning critical article

Federation of Uganda Football Associations (Fufa) president Moses Magogo has launched an attack on the personality of a journalist on the football body’s social media platform.

In a move that has attracted heavy criticism, Magogo, who is also an Executive Committee member of the Confederation of African Football (Caf), chided New Vision newspaper journalist, James Bakama, as someone ‘with nothing to prove other than retirement’.

Magogo was irked by a critical opinion piece penned by Bakama in the government-owned newspaper on how the country’s football body has been misusing funds from the sport’s world governing body Fifa.

“Bakama, you (are) an old man left with nothing to prove but retirement and New Vision should save you further embarrassment and offer you one. You belong to the gone-by generation of journalism,” wrote Magogo.

Not done, Magogo, who was recently banned by Fifa for two months after he was found guilty of reselling World Cup tickets to unauthorised persons, also attacked the newspaper’s management for reportedly offering the journalist a platform to attack him.

“What is disturbing is the continued attack by Bakama and other journalists from the Vision Group media outlets going unabated. Are there any editors left in New Vision? We are mindful that our complaints to the authorities have not yielded help right from the head himself. New Vision is a brand, so is Fufa,” he said.