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Ugandan journalist dies by suicide after quarrelling with his two wives

Police in Uganda have launched investigations into circumstances under which a journalist attached to Kooki Broadcasting Services (KBS) reportedly committed suicide.

Brian Kasibante, 26, wrote a suicide note before consuming 30ml of paraquat, a toxic chemical that is widely used as a herbicide, primarily for weed and grass control.

The deceased is said to have been having family disagreements with his two wives, with police suspecting it could be the motive behind his decision.

In his suicide note, the deceased urged the police not to investigate the cause of his death.

“I’m taking my own life without being murdered. Please do not lock anyone up. I have only left one child in the world, and his name is Wiiki. Please look after my child and brothers. Mama Wiiki, please maintain your composure,” the suicide note reads in part.
“I ask you not to hold a funeral. That is how he wants to be buried. Bury me however you like. But my picture is with Isaac Kukiriza,” further reads.

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“He has been telling us stories of the disagreements with his wives, but we thought this was a simple matter and we actually ignored it. When we learnt that he had decided to drink a herbicide (paraquat) to die, we were so shocked,” Nicholas Kakeeto, Kasibante’s workmate told Daily Monitor.

According to the workmate, the deceased sent several messages before writing a note where he advised police not to investigate the matter or arrest anyone since it was his decision to end his own life.

Kasibante died on Wednesday while receiving treatment at the Masaka Regional Referral Hospital where he had been rushed on Tuesday evening for treatment.

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