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Ugandan journalists storm out of meeting with Army

By Amina Wako December 29th, 2020 1 min read

Journalists in Uganda on Monday stormed out of a security meeting with the army and Police citing brutality from the security forces and unprovoked attacks on the fourth estate.

According to the Ugandan media the journalists were in a meeting chaired by Chief Political Commissar Brig. Henry Matsiko when the stand-off ensued.

The journalists demanded to know why journalists following NUP Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine are being brutalized and beaten up while those covering incumbent Yoweri Museveni’s political campaigns appeared to do their work without any challenges.

They then demanded an apology and when it was not granted, they stormed out of the meeting.

Police were later deployed at the Uganda Media Centre in Kampala where the journalists went after storming out of the meeting.

“UPDF spokesperson Brig. Flavia Byekwaso has explained the heavy deployment around the Media Centre saying that they got information that journalists wanted to beat them and so they had to get ‘backup’ for protection,” NTV Uganda reported.

The development comes at a time when three Journalists, namely Ghetto TV Cameraman Ashraf Kasirye NBS and NTV journalists Daniel Lutaaya and Ali Mivule were injured in a scuffle while on the campaign trail in Masaka town.

During the scuffle, Wine’s bodyguard was killed after he was reportedly run over by a military truck.