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Ugandan man arrested for slapping minister in church

Police in Uganda have arrested a man accused of slapping a senior government official in the church.

As per media reports in Uganda, Micheal Okurut is on the spot for slapping Transport Minister Musa Ecweru during the morning service at St Michael Catholic Church in Wera parish.

The reasons as to why he allegedly committed the act are unclear.

East Kyoga Police Spokesperson Oscar Ageca in a statement said, “Okurut Micheal came before the alter like other congregants, knelt down and got his blessings. Afterwards, he got up and surprisingly slapped the minister as he was giving his summon.”

Ecweru’s bodyguards arrested the 39-year-old man and handed him over to the area police.

Investigations are ongoing.

The incident comes months after, Ecweru who doubles up as Amuria district MP with the help of his bodyguards allegedly roughed up three clergymen over land disputes.

Ecweru accused Rev. Simon Peter Olato, the Parish Priest of Wera Church of Uganda, and his two lay readers, Benjamin Otasono and Simon Peter Eriku of Aten and St. John churches respectively of encroaching on his land located in Wera Town Council.

Reports indicated the incident happened when the minister who was passing by saw the three planting cassava and trees on his land which they claimed belonged to St. John Church of Uganda in Wera.

However, it is believed that the clergymen and Ecweru resolved their dispute.