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Ugandan man stranded with quadruplets, wife dies after C-section


Mr Jamir Kasaali, a resident of Nabweru, a Kampala suburb, is struggling to raise his quadruplets alone after their mother died shortly after giving birth.

His wife Jamila Nakato, 28, delivered via caesarean section when the pregnancy was seven months and three weeks old, died on April 9, at Kibuli Muslim Hospital in Kampala.

“Their mother died shortly after the surgery. Despite the unfortunate incident, all the babies are healthy,” says Fatuma Nantumbwe, a nursing officer at the hospital’s special care baby unit.

Mr Kasaali says as much as he is still grieving and hurt that his wife will not be there to see their children grow up, he has to pick up the pieces, be strong and move on.

The most trying time the 32-year-old father finds is when all the babies cry at once demanding to be fed.

The two boys and two girls are named Abdu-Basiti, Abdu Rahuman, Jamila and Jazira.

“If taking care of one child is already stressful. What about four? I hardly sleep because they need to be attended to all the time,” he says, adding “Sometimes I am relieved when close family members and friends pass by to give me a helping hand.”

Mr Kasaali who was already a father of three children aged 10, eight and six years, appeals to members of the public to come to his aid in whatever way they can since he is not employed at the moment.

Kasaali used to sell clothes at Owino market is currently unemployed since the market was burnt down the second time in 2013.