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Ugandan MP Bobi Wine remains under house arrest

Ugandan police has vowed to continue detaining Ugandan lawmaker and singer Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine at his home as long as he maintains the threat of ‘conducting unlawful assemblies’.

The firebrand MP remained under house arrest at his home in Kampala for the second day running on Tuesday.

Bobi Wine was manhandled by dozens of Police officers on Monday as he attempted to grace the venue of one of his shows on Easter Monday. The show’s organizers were also arrested.

Bobi Wine retaliated by criticizing President Yoweri Museveni and referring him as a ‘coward’.

“President Museveni is simply not happy with what I sing,” Bobi Wine said.

“He would simply want me to sing praises of him and since I have refused, he will not let me perform anywhere in Uganda. Being the coward he is, his government has even proposed ridiculous regulations that would ensure that I don’t perform outside Uganda without clearance from the government.”

The Daily Monitor reported police and military surrounded Bobi Wine’s home.

A video clip showed Bobi’s wife being subjected to a thorough search by a battery of officers before she left home.

“Those are preventive measures under the preventive policy of keeping law and order. As long as he still has threats of conducting unlawful assemblies, our intelligence will help us get that and we shall be able to see what next. However, as of now, we shall keep our forces there because this has become an issue of national security,” said police spokesperson Fred Enanga.

Bobi Wine is the second leader, after Kiiza Besigye, to be subjected to house arrest by Museveni’s regime.