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Ugandan MPs warned against ‘foreign’ babies, mini skirts and ‘overloading’ plates at conference

By Chad Kitundu September 13th, 2019 2 min read

Ugandan Members of Parliament have been advised to be at their best behaviour during the forthcoming Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (CPC) later this month.

According to a local media, the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga urged the Ugandan legislators to observe etiquette, respect the official dress code while warning them against indulging with other delegates sexually.

“You know when the Tanzanians came to this country [to fight Idi Amin], there was excitement and a number of children were born in this country by the Tanzanians. We know their mothers, but we don’t know their fathers…Don’t take risks. A man from Jamaica, when will you see him again? And for the men, a woman from the Pacific, Naulu when will you ever reach there. So you must really be very careful with what you do,” she said.

Mrs Kadaga also emphasized the need by the MPs to observe acceptable table manners, cautioning them not to ‘overload’ their plates as well as mixing dessert with their main course serving.

“When you ‘load’ your plates, don’t overload, don’t mix dessert and meat, pineapple and matooke, and the soup,” Kadaga said, adding: “while eating, even when you are hungry, don’t rush.”

Kadaga further advised against excessive drinking by the Ugandan MPs to avoid embarrassing commonwealth guests during the conference.

“Drinking should be done in homes and not excessively, to avoid fumes of alcohol in the morning,” she added.

The speaker also used the occasion to emphasise the significance of hosting the global event.

“The people who are coming will be able to know more about our country and speak about us, so whatever experience they get from here, they will use it for or against us,” she said.

The CPC is slated for September 22 to 29 at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel in Munyonyo, Kampala, with more than 1,000 parliamentary delegates from commonwealth countries expected to attend.