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Ugandan national arrested with AK47 hidden in his pants

By Hilary Kimuyu January 12th, 2021 1 min read

A Ugandan national was on Monday night arrested by police officers on patrol in Teso South, Busia County.

The suspect and two others who were pillion passengers on a motorbike were stopped by police officers who were doing routine patrols on interior roads connecting to the Uganda border but the rider defied police orders to stop and sped off towards the border.

Police gave a chase after they defied orders to stop and were cornered with one pillion passenger identified as Chandi John being arrested while the other two outwitted police and disappeared into nearby sugarcane plantations.

Upon carrying out a thorough search on the suspect, he was found with an AK-47 rifle tied vertically running from the chest to his private region.

The gun did not have a visible serial number and was also loaded with 30 rounds of 7.2 mm ammunition.

The suspect detained at Adungosi police station awaiting arraignment.

Kenya police have also reached out to their Ugandan counterparts from Tororo to get sufficient information about the suspects who are still at large pending prosecution for being in the country without proper documentation and possessing firearms illegally.

It is not clear where the suspect and his accomplices were headed during the arrest.