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Ugandan police officers released after being arrested in Kenya while armed

April 21st, 2019 1 min read

Police officers who crossed into Kenya while armed and were detained at the Busia police station have been released.

After the embarrassing incident that happened on Friday night, the officers explained that they were not aware that they had by-passed the boarder and were already four kilometers into Kenya.

The officers were released after their counterparts in Uganda intervened and requested that they be set free.

A police source told Nairobi News that the officers were chasing after a truck that was carrying scrap metals.

“The officers trailed the truck from Tororo in Uganda and because it was at night they were unable to know that they had by-passed the boarder,” said the source.

The police said that the truck driver and his conductor who fled and left the truck that was carrying metals supposed to be transported to Kampala and not Kenya.

This is not the first time Ugandan officers are being detained at the Busia police station.

In September, two armed Ugandan soldiers were arrested after crossing the border to Kenya.