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Ugandan political activist Kizza Besigye arrested

Police in Uganda have arrested political activist Kizza Besigye as he attempted to leave his Kampala home.

The arrest comes amid reports the popular politician was planning to lead a protest over the high cost of living in the East African country.

Images shared by the Daily Monitor show Besigye being dragged into custody by uniformed policemen.

“I will not accept to be kept in my house like I am a prisoner in my own country. This must stop,” he was heard saying during the arrest.

Besigye has been under house arrest at his home for the past week with Police surrounding the compound and at times denying his visitors, including politicians, an opportunity to visit him.

Now 66, Besigye, a trained doctor who lived and worked in Nairobi during his earlier years, has called upon Ugandans to come out and protest over the economical crisis facing Uganda.

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni appeared to indirectly respond on Sunday by addressing the country on the subject.

The Head of State claimed Uganda remained in a better position as compared to several other countries.

“Our inflation has risen from 2.7% before the artificial crisis to 4.9% now. Compare this with other countries: UK 9%, USA 8.3%, France 4.8%, Germany 7.4%, Italy 6%, Spain 8.3%, Russia 17.8%, China 2.1%, Kenya 6.47%, Tanzania 3.8%, Rwanda 10.5% and Ghana 23.6%,” he said.

Besigye’s arrest has meanwhile been condemned by opposition leaders in the country including pop-star singer Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine.

Museveni’s regime has come under increased scrutiny for human rights abuses including torture.

Museveni and Besigye were once bosom buddies during the guerrilla war that brought the former to power in 1987.

The two politicians have since fallen out, amid revelations Besigye married Museveni’s former lover.