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Ugandan politician Doreen Nyanjura’s 2023 resolution to get pregnant stirs up netizens

Ugandan politician Nyanjura Doreen Omutatina, the Deputy Lord Mayor for Kampala, stirred up netizens when she publicly published her 2023 New Year resolutions on social media.

In her January 4, 2022, tweet, she listed 9 resolutions and the tenth one as etcetera.

What captured Ugandans’ attention, however, was her second resolution on the list: Getting pregnant.

This comes after it was reported that she is not married and isn’t about to be married because she does not believe in the ideals of the institution of marriage.

Despite making this resolution, she is yet to reveal who the lucky man who will participate in getting her pregnant as she is also a very private person.

Below are some sample reactions to Deputy Mayor Omutatina’s second resolution and some of the responses she had for people:

“You could share number 2 with your man/boyfriend in private. Not everything has to be shared publicly. Otherwise, wishing you all the best,” said Aloysius Nsubuga to which Ms Omutatina responded, “It’s my life, I dictate the rules, you don’t. Thank you.”

“Number 2 has confused me since you said sometime back that you don’t need a man. Maybe the Holy Spirit,” said Omwony Charles to which Ms Omutatina responded, “Must be mistaken identity.”

She also intimated that getting into a relationship with a man was not part of her new year resolutions.
“Where will you get time for number 2?” asked Ruband’ebishugyi to which Ms Omutatina asked, “How much time is required?”

“Getting pregnant without marriage is prohibited in NRM’s government,” said Kabandize Abel to which Ms Omutatina responded by saying, “70% of couples in Uganda are not ‘married’.”

“Where is the ‘introduction and wedding’ in this list…Are you trying to say that indeed men are scarce?” asked Lilly Nampa to which Ms Omutatina responded by saying, “Not part of my resolutions.”

Aside from getting pregnant, her other resolutions were ‘fighting the dictator’, advocating for women and persons living with disabilities, graduating, learning to read the bible and how to watch movies, exercising regularly and reading more.

34-year-old Deputy Lord Mayor Omutatina is already a mother of one, a daughter who is about to turn seven, and is an opposition leaning politicians who consistently professes her support for Kizza Besigye, President Yoweri Museveni’s fiercest critic.

The Makerere University alumnus has on previous occasions publicly revealed  she looks up to Kenya’s NARC Kenya party leader and 2022 presidential running mate Martha Karua as her political mentor. She has severally been arrested in the past on politically related matters.

The Deputy Mayor is the third child among seven siblings and primarily lived with their father after their parents’ marriage ended. They would visit their mother during the holidays.

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