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Ugandan radio queen Lucky Mbabazi blames government for inability of Kenyan men to ‘kutuma-fare’.

“Kutuma fare” (sending transportation fare) is a popular Kenyan slang phrase mostly used in the instance of men sending women who are interested in money to board vehicles to bring them to where they (the men) are.

It could either be their houses, hotels, or social amenities and is always used in the context of romantic liaisons.

However, Ugandan media personality, Lucky Mbabazi, in a cheeky message on his socials, noted that Kenyan men are no longer able to or flexible enough to send women fare because of the tough economic times.

“Hi Kenyans, are you all well? I’ve just come to look for a follow-up. How much are you sending in transport money now? Have you started giving your women transport money? How! You still don’t give and now your economy is not economying. You elected a hustler as your President but you are complaining and crying everyday, saying you are going to demonstrate. But just know, the situation you have there (Kenya) is the same situation we have here (Uganda).

The transport money issue, please continue thinking about it. It is 2023. And to those people who want to insult me, don’t start. I know you Kenyans who like insulting me. I’m just here for the vibe, man. I thought I should check on my people, how you are and God bless you and have a good day,” said Ms Mbabazi, a popular radio presenter attached to Capital FM.

Currently in Kenya, the cost of living has increased to historic levels.

The cost of food and electricity has been affected by the increased taxes on petroleum products. The government also went ahead to introduce new taxes on various goods and services as well as increase existing taxes to new brackets. The government claimed these were measures to enable them to raise domestic revenue to run government and fund development projects but this has been a bone of contention for the opposition.

The opposition, for months, led demonstrations against the government for increasing taxes and failing to tame the runaway cost of living; and is supposed to be one of the points of discussions in the newly set up bilateral committee consisting of government and opposition politicians.

In response to Ms Mbabzi’s sentiments, Kenyans had the following to say:

“Transport money? Lucky Mbabazi, do want to come to Kenya?” asked Peter Were.

“This lady is in love ❤️ with Kenyan men,” added Emmanuel Pope.

“Good morning Lucky. Wachana na sisi kabisaa 😀 (leave us completely alone),” said Sylvester Kivindyo.

“Lucky we stopped giving transport money.😁,” said Dick Oluoch.

“But when a Kenyan man enters Uganda he becomes a celeb. I once changed 10,000 Kshs and I became very rich in Uganda,” opined Oscar Kirada.

A mother of four, Ms Mbabazi enjoys speaking about her Kenyan neighbors on her social media platforms.
She is attached to Capital FM in Kampala and once worked for Nation Media Group’s KFM.

Kutuma fare in Kenya often causes debates over the importance of men catering for women’s transportation if they were inviting them out for dates.

Many men, however, complain that some women ‘eat’ the fare and do not show up while some women lament that men insistently invite them out to distant places- or even near- and refuse to pay for their transportation in the event she was not immediately financially liquid to fund her own travels.

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