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Ugandan scholar mulls on a naked anti-Museveni protest in Kampala

Ugandan scholar and activist Stella Nyanzi is considering organising a naked demonstration in Kampala to protest President Yoweri Museveni’s leadership.

In a poem on her Facebook page, the former Makerere University researcher hinted the protest would entail no dresses, skirts, blouses, pants, bras or any other garments.

She said: “I am thinking of organising The 1,000 naked women’s protest. Bring your naked breasts, juggle your bare a**, bring the pain burrowed in your chests. Chant about your empty purse. Write your slogans and protests. Let’s march against Museveni’s curse,” the poem reads in part.

“Just naked women marching. Bring your employment. Bring the pain of land grabbed. March against armed deployment. March for the murdered and the stabbed. Oppose the dictator’s government. Let’s protest as hard as the disturbed.”

Nyangi has in the past stripped naked in a protest over working space at the Makerere University in Kampala.

She has also previously been arrested and charged with offensive communication on social media.

The scholar once threatened to burn up her private parts should President Museveni win re-election 2016 General elections. He did but she  failed to keep her word.