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Ugandan scholar swears to burn her private parts if Museveni wins

A Ugandan university lecturer has declared that she will burn her private parts using live charcoal on a jiko if the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni wins Thursday elections.

Dr Stella Nyanzi of Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research made the bizarre pledge on her Facebook page where she gave a blow by blow account of how she intends to burn her genitals.


“If Museveni wins the presidential elections in February 2016, I will slowly remove my panties, sit by my burning charcoal-stove, roast my (unprintable) crunchy black, and use the burnt piece as a crayon to colour the Ugandan flag all black,” wrote the mother of three.

Dr Nyanzi has been expressing her political thoughts through artistic sexual posts on Facebook since the campaign period started.

Dr Stella Nyanzi of Makerere University on various occasions. PHOTOS | COURTESY

She said that if the electoral commission declares Museveni as the elected leader she will add to her pain by tampering with her breasts.


“I will get my hoe, carefully dig out my nipples from each breast, pound them into a red bloody paint to highlight the constitutional articles that raped presidential term limits out of our land,” wrote the don.

The medical anthropologist, who has a PhD from the University of London, has also threatened to cut up her skull and remove her brains to be nailed on the parliament ceiling.

Dr Nyanzi concluded her post by stating that she intends to tamper with her reproductive system and make a necklace out of her organs to be sold wrapped in the Ugandan flag.


“I swear to God, I will pull out my fallopian tubes, ovaries and uterus, make them into a beautiful necklace and sell them wrapped in the national flag to the lowest bidder on e-bay. Where is the pride and honour in being a Ugandan citizen ruled for over thirty years by the same man?” posed the don.

Dr Nyanzi has been using Facebook to declare her disgust at the incumbent and has been an ardent supporter of the main opposition candidate, Kizza Besigye.