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Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone speaks after hospitalization in the US

Renowned Ugandan singer Jose Chameleone, widely regarded as a legend in the music industry, has confirmed his release from a Minneapolis-based hospital after receiving medical treatment.

The Ugandan star expressed his deep appreciation for the love, support, and prayers he received during his hospitalization, stating they provided him with strength during a challenging period.

The Badilisha hitmaker also affirmed he was fully on the road to recovery.

Taking a moment to express his gratitude, Chameleone said: “I want to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the love, support, and prayers that I received during my hospitalization. Your kind wishes have truly given me strength through this challenging time. I am now on the road to recovery.”

He further extended his appreciation to Aline Medical Hospital in Minneapolis for their significant role in his progress.

While acknowledging his recovery may still require some time and patience, the singer, who is considered among the most popular in East Africa, expressed confidence he would soon regain his good health.

He concluded with a grateful note, emphasizing his belief in God’s continuous goodness and thanking all his supporters.

The news of Jose Chameleone’s hospitalization was initially announced by his father, who revealed the singer’s ongoing battle with illness.

“Chameleone has been sick in the past months. When he moved to America, the illness became worse. He is now so sick, he is on his sickbed. He has been having complications in his stomach that he is currently receiving treatment for,” his father stated.

Chameleone’s brother Humprey Mayanja has also been ill and bedridden in the same country.

He recently underwent emergency surgery in a bid to repair some stomach-related complications.

Chameleone’s brother took to social media to share an alarming update about his health.

Shortly after arriving in the US from Uganda, he experienced a medical emergency that required immediate attention.

During the layover in Amsterdam, he recounted feeling fatigued and experiencing intermittent fevers, resulting in a restless journey.

When he arrived in Boston and tried to rest, he woke up with severe abdominal pain. His stomach swelled every five minutes, making it excruciatingly painful for him to walk or eat.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, his best friend drove him to the emergency room, where he underwent a series of medical examinations.

After being diagnosed, it was determined that further analysis and treatment were necessary.

Initially, a nasogastric tube was inserted into his stomach to clear the infection. However, the medical team eventually decided to carry out a full surgical procedure.

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