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Ugandans and Kenyans in a fresh round of Twitter beef

Ugandans think their tax on social media use is nothing compared to the cat meat and mercury Kenyans are eating unknowingly.

A Ugandan online, while commenting on a BBC Africa story on the country’s new social media taxes, said they are better off than Kenyans in the wake of stories on cat meat samosas and traces of mercury in sugar.

His comment has since gone viral with some Kenyans admitting that the state of affairs in their country is bad.

Moraa Nyareru commented; “It’s amazing how we Kenyans still thrive…you actually would not survive a week here.”

Joseph Burite stated; “A case of a pygmie laughing at another for being short.”

Carilton commented; “At least WE can complain about it and action will be taken. Ugandans are like children who cannot strike back when struck by their parents.”

Flora 花子 Kyondo wrote; “And just like that, we agreed that taxing their social media is not such a bad thing after all. Don’t joke with us we are very ‘copperative’???.”

Many Ugandans on Sunday were plunged into social media blackout after the government directive to charge users took effect.

Last month, Uganda’s parliament passed new laws which introduced a new tax of Sh5.20 (UGX200) daily to access popular social media platforms.