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Ugandans on Twitter praise Kenyan man who secured dowry refund

Ugandans on Twitter have heaped praise on the Kenyan man who successfully petitioned court to return part of his dowry following a divorce with his wife.

The story involving Wilberforce Murunga was initially published on Nation.Africa and Nairobi but  picked up by several media outlets in the country and region, including our sister publication Daily Monitor.

One Ugandan who commented on the subject explained return of dowry is a fair deal for a failed relationship.

Another one noted that it is the first time a man is receiving a fire deal in a relationship case involving her ex-lover.

Another one felt Murunga was a hero and that was how they were made of.

Another one offered Murunga a cup of coffee.

Another one felt Murunga was a hero to him.

Murunga caused an online stir after a Kitale Court granted him a refund of his three cows, a she-goat and Sh20,000 from his in-laws after a failed marriage.

“I am excited and happy that the court has done justice for me. Since the aggressor happens to be a lawyer I never thought I would win this case and I thank God,” the elated Murunga said.

Additionally, Murunga, who is based in the US, called upon men suffering in silence to come out of their comfort zone and trust the courts for justice.

The 52-year-old had divorced Irine Khaosa on grounds that she had deserted their matrimonial home with the marriage being dissolved on October 12th 2021.

Arguing it was his right to get back his dowry, Murunga said he represented men who suffer in silence even though his in-laws were unable to provide all the animals and money due to the harsh economy.