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Ugandans told to boycott songs by Chameleone, Bebe Cool

Popular Ugandan musicians sympathetic to President Yoweri Museveni could be heading to financial turbulence in the near future, if a campaign launched by the country’s main opposition party proves successful.

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has rallied citizens to boycott music produced by musicians who supported President Museveni in the just concluded general elections.

FDC spokesman Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda on Monday also told its supporters to boycott work on Thursdays to protest “the home imprisonment of its presidential candidate Kizza Besigye”.

“If they come to a function you all leave. If they play a Chameleone (Joseph Mayanja) song when you are in a taxi (matatu) you leave. This is going to be a peaceful demonstration,” Mr Erias Lukwago, the Kampala Lord Mayor – elect was by the Daily Monitor newspaper.

Musicians Chameleone and  Bebe Cool were among a group of musicians who publicly backed President Museveni and even composed songs in praise of the incumbent in a project dubbed “Tubonga Nawe“.

“That statement is unfortunate, especially from a party like FDC. This is a democratic country and we as people who participated in the Tubonga Nawe project had a decision to make,” Bebe Cool said.