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Uganda’s political powerhouse Bobi Wine congratulates Ruto

By Wangu Kanuri September 6th, 2022 2 min read

Ugandan singer cum politician Bobi Wine has congratulated Kenya’s President-Elect William Ruto after Supreme Court affirmed his win.

In a post, Bobi who was also an election observer said, “I congratulate the President-Elect of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. @WilliamsRuto.

Throughout the campaigns, the election and the Election Petition, Kenya has proven that its democracy has come of age. The region has many lessons to learn. I congratulate the great people of Kenya.”

Bobi born Robert Kyagulanyi finished second to President Yoweri Museveni in the January 2021 elections and has remained a fierce critic of the government.

President Museveni won with 58.38% votes under his National Resistance Movement party with Bobi Wine who garnered 34 per cent of the votes disputing the win claiming that the elections were rigged and marred with irregularities.

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From releasing songs geared at sending a message to Museveni to publicly calling him out, Bobi while campaigning for the presidential seat rubbed shoulders with Museveni’s regime, a move that got him and his followers arrested and detained.

Having had the military surround his home as though he was under house arrest, Bobi Wine complained that his wife would not be allowed to go get groceries despite them running out of food.

However, the army and police dismissed Bobi Wine’s claims saying he had not been arrested and that they were merely protecting him.

“He is not under arrest. We have just provided security in the area. Nothing much,” the Kampala Metropolitan Deputy Police Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire told NTV Uganda.

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The National Unity Platform leader would then sort the help of Uganda’s Supreme Court to challenge President Museveni’s win.

Bobi Wine said he had extensive evidence of vote rigging, including ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation and the manipulation of results at individual polling stations.

On the other hand, Museveni declared the election the cleanest in Uganda’s post-independence history.

However, Bobi Wine would later withdraw the case alleging ‘bias’ by the court justices hearing the case.

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