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Ugliest and most bizzare moments on Kenyan showbiz in 2018 – VIDEOS

By THOMAS MATIKO December 28th, 2018 3 min read

Every year Kenyan showbiz witnesses a fair share of dramas. This year was no different.

Nairobi News has compiled some of the most dramatic scenes involving artistes which shocked the entertainment industry.

1. Redsan clobbers his producer

Three days after the launch of his 5th album Baddest in September, the dancehall artiste was accused of assaulting his longtime producer Sappy. Redsan was reported to have stormed Sappy’s studio and given him the beating of a lifetime. The debacle was sparked by Sappy’s decision to hold on to the master copy of the new album. This was after Redsan refused to credit Sappy for his work. The incident sparked public uproar which forced Redsan to reach out to Sappy to seek his forgiveness over the incident

2. Willy Paul rains slaps on female friend

In November, controversial gospel singer was caught on tape raining slaps on a lady friend and smashing her cell phone on ground outside his residence in Syokimau. When contacted after the video went viral, Willy Paul claimed the incident was part of his upcoming reality show which, he said, would revolve around money, music and violence. Days later, the singer contradicted himself by claiming that the woman he assaulted was his sister, a drug addict who had abandoned her home. He claimed he was only disciplining her for her wayward behaviour.

3. Rapper Desiigner robbed of sneakers on stage

The Panda hitmaker had the shock of his life when he performed at the Jameson Connects concert in Ngong Race Course in December. Taking a piggy back ride on a member of the security team, the topless Desiigner got into the middle of the crowd only to have someone strip him of his expensive sneakers. A shocked Desiigner momentarily paused his performance while trying to retrieve his shoes. The rapper later wondered why someone would want to rob him yet he had travelled many miles to come entertain his Kenya fans.

4. ‘Demon possessed’ Rose Muhando’s exorcism

Once regarded as the hottest gospel singer in the region, Rose Muhando became the subject of ridicule in November when a video of her being exorcised of ‘demons’ by controversial Pastor James Ng’ang’a of Neno Evangelism went viral. There was mixed reaction over the video from Kenyans with many of the view that it was stage managed by the singer and the pastor. However, several Tanzanian media outlets have maintained that the once celebrated singer is suffering from drug addiction.

5. Timmy Tdat ‘mishandles’ female fan on stage

While performing at Nigerian star Mr Eazi concert at Ngong Racecourse in April, the Kenyan rapper shocked the crowd by grossly ‘mishandling’ a female fan who had thrown herself at him on stage. A viral video, which captured the incident, showed the female fan jumping on the artiste’s midriff and the artiste carrying over to the edge of the stage and laying her on top of the sound system where he embarked on a raunchy dance routine. The artiste would even flip over the lady’s high slit dress to expose her butts to the cameras as she wriggled helplessly in his firm. After a wide public uproar over the indecent act, Timmy took full responsibility for his improper conduct and apologized to his fans.

6. Dogo Aslay hurts his male member on stage

The incident happened in November when the bongo flava star was performing at a show in Kisumu. He had just gotten on stage and was hyping the crowd when the stage collapsed. Aslay was seen writhing in pain after he appeared to have hit his genitals. Luckily the security team acted fast and carried him backstage where he received first aid. After the minor, he would later return to the stage to give an electrifying performance.

7. Octopizzo dishes out marijuana to his fans

The rapper was one of the act at the TGR Fest held in October. In the middle of his performance he stopped and asked a fan to provide him with the lighter. He then reached into his pockets and pulled out a few rolls of bhang and distributed them to the fans in his proximity. He was never arrested.

8. Harmonize detained in Eldoret hotel

The Tanzanian artiste was set to perform at the Chaget Festival in Eldoret on November 3. But he didn’t after promoters of the event failed to clear his payment as had been agreed. Things got ugly when the pissed off promoters pulled a fast one on the artiste for his no show by taking off without clearing his hotel bills. The singer found himself detained for more than four hours at the Starbuck Hotel where he had been booked for the night over the unpaid bills. He only got back his freedom after his Kenyan friends intervened.