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Uhuru challenges Kenyans to dab their way to State House

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Friday invited people across the country to dab their way to State House Nairobi.

The president in a series of tweets asked able Kenyans to post their dab picture or a 30 second video on his Twitter account or on Facebook with the hashtag #UhuruDabChallenge.

On Wednesday the President showcased his dab moves as part of his campaign to encourage the youth to register as voters.

“The winner of the Dad challenge, whether it is a group or individual with the most retweets at the end of the remaining five days of voter registration, will be rewarded for their patriotism, including visiting with me at State House, the President tweeted.

The dab dance move involves pointing one arm upwards towards the sky while also bowing the head into their other arm.

The dance move is thought to have been initially started in Atlanta United States by rappers from the group Migos.

The expression dabbing is also a term for smoking butane hash oil and extracting 90 per cent of the THC (the primary ingredient in marijuana).

Some have said the dance move is supposed to represent sneezing, something that often happens to people when they’ve taken a lot of cannabis.