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Uhuru to doctors: We are not fools -VIDEO

An angry President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday said the government will not accept to be blackmailed by striking doctors.

The president issued an ultimatum that should the current talks being spearheaded by the clergy fail, the government “will sort them (doctors) out.”

He did not elaborate on the measures to be taken.

President Kenyatta said the government had offered the doctors in public hospitals more money than their counterparts in private hospitals.

He told the striking doctors to recognise the economic realities in the country.

“We are paying these people and we have offered these people more money than what is paid to private doctors…an intern is paid more than what a private doctor is paid.

Kwani hii watu wanaona sisi ni wajinga namna gani,” President Kenyatta retorted.

“….and only for working for two hours in a government hospital and then they run to their private clinics. This is blackmail and we aren’t going to entertain it.. ” he added.

He said the government is offering to pay interns in public hospitals more than what doctors in private hospitals earn.

He challenged the striking doctors to be fair to patients who pay their salaries.

He made the remarks on Tuesday during his address at the devolution conference in Naivasha.