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Uhuru faulted for recycling political dinosaurs

Youthful Kenyans have criticised president Uhuru Kenyatta for appointing old guard to his government.

The head of state, who promised major appointments to the youth during his election campaign in 2013, surprised friend and foe when he dished out key positions to politicians who had been voted out in last elections.

Some of the appointees include Richard Leakey, Julius Sunkuli, Samuel Poghisio, Musikari Kombo, SOita Shitanda, Kalembe Ndile, Judy Kibaki, Dr Wenwa Akinyi Odinga and Margaret Saitoti among others.

Kenyan youth camped on Twitter on Tuesday to express their anger at the appointments using the hashtag #RecycledPoliticians.

Political activists Boniface Mwangi called the lot “mental menopause appointees”, while Davis Adieno said: “No surprises here #RecycledPoliticians. Transforming Kenyan political-culture still miles ahead – but ahem! Let’s have candid discussions now.”

Christopher Kirwa tweeted: “Now u understand why we wanted to overfly Yemen Airspace #RecycledPoliticians.

Schea Of Sheba said: “Politicians are like diapers you simply cannot reuse them after they’ve served their purpose they are changed. #RecycledPoliticians.”

Another Twitter user, @Chelule, said: “Technology as a pillar for this country’s development is not reflected in #RecycledPoliticians appointments.”

Dr.Mwishehe said: “Someone lyk Musikari Kombo ?learnt about him in primary school I worked in his Ministry now will be our boss again #RecycledPoliticians.”

Keith Muriithi tweeted: “This guy thinks recycling is one of the ways of dealing with climate change & global warming so he #RecycledPoliticians.”

A cheeky @TChenya weighed in: “Why was Mwai Kibaki left out of the parastatal jobs? #RecycledPoliticians.

Simon Chege K said: “I sympathies with jobless young professionals. U may never live to serve ur country as long as the status quo remains. #RecycledPoliticians.”

There were a few who tried to back the president: “We may not agree with #RecycledPoliticians but makes sense to have those who built and run the system serve in advisory roles for the youth,” said Roy Gitahi.